Compliance & Registration complete

We are very pleased to announce that the H4 now complies with the Australian Motors Vehicle Standards act, and the first vehicle has been registered delivered to Hummer Limos and is now on the road. Keep an eye out!

White H4 coming to Sydney mid October

Hummer Limos were so happy with their first H4 they can’t wait to launch their new white H4 in Sydney in October 2016.

First H4 goes to work

The first H4 made has begun work at Hummer limos in Melbourne where it will work as a wedding vehicle and party bus. Seating up to 24 passengers it’s sure to be popular.


The legend continues with the New H4, modern styling and traditional rugged appeal, the H4 is the ultimate vehicle in a class all on it’s own. If you’re looking for a unique day-to-day drive, a serious tow vehicle or a Party Bus, H4 has it covered. Appointed with luxury and the super power of a Duramax diesel engine you’re sure to be noticed and envied on the road in a H4.

Custom Build

The unique manufacturing process of the H4 allows for unrivaled customisation. Owners can have a H4 built to suit their requirements, from a Large Suburban SUV or Heavy Towing Utility to a Party Bus, the possibilities are endless. Talk to us today about your H4.


The core H4 vehicle is adorned with improvements and features never seen before, combined with the adaptability and versatility of customisation, the H4 will capture your imagination with it’s endless possibilities.

  • Powerful 6.6 litre duramax turbo V8 Diesel generating 300kW of power, 2 million duramax engines sold worldwide.
  • The H4 has a 1000 kms range from it’s on a 136 litre diesel fuel tank.
  • Driven by a Allison 6 speed gearbox with over drive – built for trucks, made for heavy loads.
  • Engine exhaust brake, using compression to create negative torque to slow down plus 6 wheel antilock disc brakes, twice as big as a previous models so pulling up is no problem with heavy loads.
  • Driving features include Cruise control, Power steer, Intermittent wipers, Rear diff lock and Tilt steering column.
  • Security features like Front airbags, Central locking, manual camper style extension mirrors for ease of seeing to the rear plus exterior back up beeper for reversing.
  • Dual alternators and batteries with AUX power points for phone charging and input for ipod
  • Creature comforts including Air conditioning, Power windows, and rear bar opened by the push of a button (22 seater Coach Model).
  • Heavier duty steering box, H4 will turn while it is stationary with a 22m turning circle and no rear steer required.
  • 40% more fuel efficient thanks to the diesel engine with Allison gearbox, 136 litre fuel tank (optional 215 litre).
  • Higher GVM than a H2, The core vehicle is heavy duty and provides durability and reliability
  • Engine brake is standard. Great for downhill braking and less wear and tear on brakes and other engine parts.
  • Core vehicle is 2WD, less maintenance and a better steering lock than a 4WD system with CV joints and transfer cases.
  • The core vehicle is brand new at the start of it’s 7 year production. Full boxed Chassis and heavy duty commercial drive train with tree times the life span of a H2 petrol.
  • Spare parts are readily available from Victorian American imports, Including wheels, tyres for the Coach model and the core vehicle itself.
  • Exterior back up beeper for reversing safety.
  • Dual axle at the rear has load sharing Rocker Suspension system. The suspension system is leaf spring, low maintenance compared with airbags and will eliminate problems of getting stuck on driveways and slopes.
  • 22 inch chrome wheels and tyres standard. Not optional. So H4 is already kitted out.
  • Carries full spare wheel underneath out of the way. Jack and tools stored in drivers compartment.
  • No rear steer required. Makes turning circle in 22m. Has excellent lock.
  • Only 2WD, so no front CV joints and transfer case maintenance as would be for a 4WD.
  • Driver compartment, or driver driving space has much more room in the front for driving than the old hummer. Plenty more leg space and pedal space.
  • Fold down centre 3rd seat in the front cabin for extra person to travel. Or if no centre seat wanted, can put an esky or storage compartment instead.
  • In the rear, 2 handles to get in and out of the vehicle. Making it easier for anyone to get up into the rear cabin and has a large rectangular opening ( no wheel arch in door)
  • There is plenty of head room under the jet door when exiting the H4. The jet door opens allot higher upwards, so more clearance.
  • Single jet door on passenger side towards the centre of the cabin, eliminating dressers rubbing on the rear tyre when entering the door..
  • The rear door of the H4 is wider than a hummer. More room for bride and people to get in and out.
  • There is 2 emergency exits. One in the roof at the rear. The other is the other rear drivers side door. Over the top of the bar.
  • 3 large deep bars, can carry easily 3-4 slabs of beer in ice buckets.
  • Storage under seats for small things, carpet overlay on dance floor for weddings.
  • Firefly system for turning on and off all lighting and stereo. Simple and easy to use. No complications for intoxicated people. One touch push button.
  • Dual controls for volume. Driver has volume control in front. As well as firefly system to control lighting and effects
  • Divider between driver and rear is clear. So if driver need to concentrate or make a call, can do so with divider still up. But can see what patrons are doing in back.
  • Reverse camera with large 15inch screen. Under car LED lighting
  • Rear wedding bar, for external use. Fold down boot compartment for ice, bench for drinks, scotch and champagne flute holders. Also cheese and cracker platter area for weddings.
  • 2 x Lasers, 4 x TVs. 3 x 15 inch and 1 x 40 inch, IPOD and USB compatible in stereo system
  • Dual air conditioning system. Unit in the front and rear of rear cabin
  • Differing colours available for seating and interior. Differing exterior colours available on request
  • Optional 200 inch stretch, single rear axle vehicle available

H4 International

5 – 11 Standing Drive Traralgon Vic 3844 Australia

 +61 (03) 5176 0600
 +61 (03) 5174 0400

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